Japanese Calligrapher

粟津 紅花

Awazu Kouka

Born in Aichi Prefecture. Lives in Yokohama.

Kouka started learning Japanese calligraphy from three years old.

Her great-grandfather and grandfather were also calligraphy instructers.                              

After worked at a bank, she established her japanese calligraphy schools.She has been operating Kouka Calligraphy schools and teaching for 30 years.Now she directs 13 schools and the number of her students is almost 100,000 people.

Many of her students have won top prizes in competitions. She has also trained many master students and instructors.

She has performed calligraphy at many major events in Japan and abroad, including Major domestic and international events, international conferences attended by Their Majesties the Emperor and Empress and Prince Noriko Akishino, the largest meeting ever attended by a prime minister at the level of chiefs of coast guard agencies from 84 countries, France, Vietnam, Taiwan, Makuhari Messe, Tokyo Big Sight, and the Tokyo International Forum.

Her daughter Kosen and son Kosho are also calligraphers, and “Beni No Sho,” the first Japanese calligraphy entertainment set to perfect music by Japan’s father-son , has attracted many people and has been requested to perform in many fields. She has been asked to perform at many occasions. She also instructed and supervised the calligraphy performance at Makuhari Messe by the members of Nogizaka46.

 When she announced the “2021” calligraphy, she wrote “2021” at WBS World Business Satellite, Tokyo Tower, Shinjuku Station, Yokohama Sky Building, Bay Quarter, and many other places. He also handles design calligraphy for store and product logos.
She is also actively involved in volunteer activities such as teaching calligraphy to people with disabilities and Japanese language classes for foreign parents and children.
She is well known for the beauty of her calligraphy, and her classes are so popular that there is a one-and-a-half year waiting list to join.

book「Lotus Sutra Calligraphy Writing Practice Book」「Hard Pen Meister Instructor Training Course」

謙慎書道会理事 横浜書人会審査員、カルチャーセンター講師、日本デザイン書道作家協会理事、国際書道教育協会理事、紅花書道塾主宰