Calligraphy performance and calligraphy experience packages for foreign visitors to Japan


KOUKA private calligraphy school was selected as a Kanagawa Prefecture-approved model course for experiencing the “Way” of Japan.


the time required

10 to 30 minutes

examples of contents

(1) Calligraphy performance (approx. 10 min.)

We will perform a moving, full-body performance set to music. Words are written on a theme for events, celebrations, opening ceremonies, etc.

(2) Explanation (approx. 10-15 min.)10~15分)

Explain the letters you have chosen and written on the theme.

(3) Photography, etc. (approx. 5 minutes)

A commemorative photo will be taken.

Past Results Video
International Conference on Nutrition 2022 (Tokyo International Forum)

Major Event Achievements

(2nd Coast Guard Global Summit) Presented by Japan Coast Guard and Nippon Foundation (Tokyo)
The largest ever gathering of representatives from 84 countries

We were invited by the Kanagawa International Foundation.
We gave a calligraphy workshop and a calligraphy performance at the organization, which promotes international exchange through Japanese culture with foreign residents in Yokohama.

Kosho Awazu” gave a calligraphy performance in Taiwan.

Japanese high school and university students visited a university in Taiwan and had a cultural exchange meeting with other students. The Japanese high school students were represented by the Shaolin Temple, and the university students were represented by Kosho Awazu, who gave a calligraphy performance. The event was published in the University News.

We gave a calligraphy performance in English!
Fujitsu asked us to give a calligraphy performance at a party for about 200 Asian customers.

The Kanagawa International Foundation South Circle] Calligraphy Workshop & Calligraphy Performance was held at the Yokohama Industrial Trade Center.

Calligraphy Experience for High School Students from the U.S. and Canada
This is a calligraphy experience with a homestay for about 2 weeks. Both parents and high school students from Japan, the host country, participated in the lively party!

  • The largest ever gathering of 84 countries! Calligraphy event at the 2nd World Coast Guard Director-General Level Meeting (hosted by the Japan Coast Guard and the Nippon Foundation)
  • Calligraphy performance and calligraphy experience at the 22nd IUNS-ICN International Conference on Nutrition (Tokyo International Forum)
  • KANAGAWA FESTIVAL in HANOI (organized by Kanagawa Prefecture) Calligraphy performance & Thank you card workshop
  • Kanagawa Prefecture×Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City Public University of Social Sciences Hands-on class program “Extracurricular Japanese Traditional Culture Experience” Calligraphy performance viewing
  • Fujitsu Limited Asian Night Calligraphy Event
  • Calligraphy performance at Yi-Chou University, Taiwan
  • Paris Salon Idees Japon Calligraphy performance and sale
  • Calligraphy performance and design calligraphy experience by the Kanagawa International Foundation
  • Homestay for American and Canadian high school students Calligraphy event
  • Japanese Art & Craft in PARIS Sales Event
  • Annual Japanese language and culture class for foreign parents and children before entering elementary school in Japan
  • Calligraphy performance and workshop at an international school
  • Calligraphy performance and fan making by the Kanagawa International Foundation



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